Here at Noble Capital House, we are not just passionate at making sure you trade Forex profitably; we also want you to get a good education while doing so.

We all know that education has become a lifelong process in which individuals continue to learn in formal, non-formal, and informal environments throughout their lives. Noble Capital House buys into this tenet fully.

We have therefore designed different learning channels and modes for the continuous education of our clients. On this website, you will find resources such as e-books, video tutorials, Forex articles, and webinars.

As more and more individuals move toward reading e-books rather than traditional hard copy books, we have made learning easier by providing e-books that deal exclusively with Forex on our website.

Again, to meet the requirements of the “on the go” individual, we have condensed hours of the Forex training into short but powerful video tutorials. They are available on demand from our e-library.

You will also find Forex articles on our website, treating topics such as getting started, trading profitably, and making your own trading strategy for learning purposes.

We also organize webinars from time to time where our platinum account members are able to understudy established Forex traders and hear live from them.


Earning Season or Exchange Reporting Period

The great majority of American public companies publish performance reports on their financial results for a quarter, six months, or a year at the same time. This calendar period is called reporting season or earning season. Quarterly reports are released in April, July, October, and January (for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter accordingly), half-yearly reports are released in July and January, and yearly ones – in January…

What is the Point of the Economic Calendar?

The economic calendar is a list of the most important economic events. Expected news, publication of reports, and other developments may have a tangible impact on the financial and exchange markets. If analysing this data properly, one can appear in the right place at the right time and get a considerable profit…