At Noble Capital House, we use the web-trader software for our Forex trading, because it is currently the easiest and most effective platform for use. Clients are able to conveniently trade Forex with just a single click of their button.

How to understand and use it?

Open Trades and Closed Trades is a menu that allows you to see all your open and closed positions. You can keep track of your trades in online mode until the time when they are closed.

Sell and Buy buttons allow you to open and close long and short positions on the asset. You will be able to choose all options of the trade on the side menu, opened with a click on the button.

Deposit button allows you to make a deposit on the balance of your trading account. The button opens a menu that allows you to choose the payment method and the amount you wish to deposit.

Chart displays all the information about the quotes in a live mode. The buttons in the upper right corner allow switching between different price representations (volume chart or candlesticks) and turning on the optional graphical tools (indicators) to the chart.

The asset selection panel allows you to switch quickly between different groups of financial instruments, available for trading on the platform. The Web-Trader is convenient because, unlike trading terminals, switching between assets can be done quickly and easily - in just two clicks.